The concepts that permeate and inform my practice relate to virtual reality, examining how this shapes and reflects on our collective consciousness.
My painting investigates digital space and the ways we construct, inhabit, formulate and interact within it and draws on video games worlds’ imagery and narrative. I am particularly intrigued by the ways digitalised environments and incidents can be simultaneously both fictitious and factual through active user immersion and interaction.

I examine video game play as a parallel reality of simulated story worlds and a narrative-building medium that arises out of interactive fiction. In extent, my practice is concerned in how virtual space and communication challenge human behaviour, perception and pre-existing spatial and social boundaries.

On another level, I explore the ability and potential in a traditional medium such as painting to draw on, absorb and interpret contemporary visual languages, media and technologies and render new meanings.

As my main visual source I use photographic stills shot during game play and, through these, identify and interconnect contrasting concepts:

-Virtual/actual space (imagery from the virtual world itself as well as references to the constraints of the screen that contains it)
-Representative/abstract elements (direct references to source material combined with blurry incidents in motion or technical glitches)

Painting as a medium allows me to further my understanding of these simultaneous and often fleeting occurrences and elaborate on further visual narrative through experimentation.